We all have at least one area in our home that is an unorganized mishmash of items that need our attention. There’s no shame in it, but it can affect the way you feel and function in your home. If you shudder every time you think about finding order in the chaos, Christina’s Complete Clean has come up with an uncomplicated guide to organizing your Indianapolis home.  

Christina's Complete Clean and Home Organization

Make A Plan

No general goes into battle without a plan of action. Make a list of the areas of your home that need your attention, but don’t let that deter you. Approach each area with these questions, “What do I value? Does this area reflect that value?” Whatever you determine, act accordingly. For example, if you and your spouse need a place to recharge every evening before bed and your bedroom has become the catch-all in your home, it may be time to re-order the space to reflect your value of spending time with your spouse.

The first space to declutter is your mind, so create lists, and remember the functional goals of each area. Small steps are key to success, and be realistic with your expectations. Work within your budget and the time you have available to conquer the space. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Christina's Complete Clean and Professional Organization

Tackle One Area at a Time

If you try to approach all your messy areas at once, you will feel overwhelmed. Tackle one space at a time. You may need to buy storage bins or trays, depending on your needs. Make those purchases at the start of the process so when you put your hand to the task, you can complete it without making too many detours. Once one area is complete, check it off your list, then move to the next space. You’ll be surprised how much easier it all seems when you are solely focused on the room in front of you. 

Call for Reinforcements

If your schedule is too full or the organizational task too monumental, call for help. We offer home organization services that can simplify the process. We work with you to organize the spaces you have, which can really change the way you function and feel in your home. Whether it’s a garage, closet, playroom, or pantry, we’ve done it all. We also offer cleaning services.

If your home needs some organizational help, careful planning and elbow grease may do the job. If you’d rather have the professionals help to create order in the chaos, contact Christina’s Complete Clean online, or call (317) 564-4244 to talk to a staff member about your organizational needs. What are you waiting for? A clean and organized home awaits.