Christina Garten started cleaning houses while a student at Westfield High School, pressed into service helping her mother boost the family’s finances with jobs here and there. Like most kids, she hated every minute of it. Things change. Several years later, with graduation in the rear-view mirror and a son of her own on the way, she founded Christina’s Complete Clean in 2006.

Her business plan was simple: work hard four days a week and bring home enough money to keep bills paid and food on the table. Today our Carmel, IN-based company serves hundreds of residential and commercial clients in central Indiana, providing old-fashioned cleaning services as well as home organization expertise.

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Humble Beginnings

Christina began with a single customer, a bucket, a mop, and the lessons learned while assisting her mom: There are no shortcuts, just elbow grease and meticulous attention to detail. Suddenly, the how-tos that had rubbed her the wrong way as a teenager had become a business philosophy that helped the company grow.

Promising old-fashioned effort and honest-to-goodness customer service, Christina worked her way up from cleaning one house a day to two, and before long she recruited help to boost that number to three. As business grew, she faced a decision: turn away customers or expand by adding contract employees. The way she figured it, people needed jobs just as much as homeowners needed clean houses.

Although she had always dreamed of owning her own business, we know now that a younger Christina thought it would be a combination pool hall-arcade-dance hall.

From Co-Worker To Employee

One of Christina’s early hires was Jennifer Nelson, an Anderson resident she met while both were working at a chain restaurant in Indianapolis. Jenn had earned her degree in religion at Ball State University — it seemed like a good idea at the time, OK? — but couldn’t find a job. After a particularly slow shift at the restaurant, she called Christina and asked if her former co-worker was hiring.

Although she had never aspired to be a housekeeper, Jenn discovered the satisfaction of seeing a job through from start to finish. And as Christina likes to say when Jenn’s college major comes up around the office, cleanliness is next to godliness!

In her free time, Jenn enjoys being outdoors, working on her house, and visiting with family. She has three “fur babies” at home: two Yorkies and an Airedale.

Setting Priorities

Jenn quickly became a valuable part of the team, and her natural inclination to plan and organize balances out Christina’s more creative, freewheeling approach. Jenn’s involvement has allowed our fearless leader to spend more time on other passions, including her two children. Christina also enjoys health and fitness — she’s a committed crossfitter, for example — as well as photography and outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

So rather than risk losing Jenn to another job, Christina made her a partner in the business to acknowledge her ongoing contributions to it. The owners have made it clear to us that they believe service jobs like ours fulfill a higher purpose than most positions on the corporate ladder. We give our clients the gift of free time, without the booby prize of coming home to a mess.

Christina’s Complete Clean also is a proud member of Home Artisans of Indiana, an invitation-only group of craftsmen and home-service providers known for outstanding customer service, quality, and value. Members meet regularly, sharing challenges and success stories in addition to valuable connections.

Customers Come First

As cleaning professionals, we understand that each of our clients needs something a little different. Christina and Jenn do a great job of figuring out their assorted quirks and pet peeves, so when we get an assignment we know exactly how to exceed each customer’s expectations. And if something goes wrong — we are humans, after all, not machines — the bosses know how to fix the situation.

We are a team at Christina’s Complete Clean, and we work together to keep customers satisfied with our services.

All of the cleaning contractors gather for a meeting every two weeks, and a quality assurance manager works with us to fine-tune our routines.

Whatever you’re looking for in a cleaning company, the team at Christina’s Complete Clean is up to the challenge. Check out our frequently asked questions and some recent reviews to learn more about us, and then contact our office at (317) 564-4244 to request an estimate

We serve residential and commercial customers in and around Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, and the northern portion of Indianapolis.