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Christina does an excellent job in detail. My house looks and smells wonderfully fresh after her visits. She works well around my cat and dog, and I trust her completely!

– Marcia S.

They clean everything from toilets and sinks to cobwebs in corners and glass, rugs, floors, everything looks fantastic when I come home … they even make my messy kids’ beds when I’m not paying for that service – not that they’ll do that for you! Seriously, we love their work and they go the extra mile!

Christina and her crew have been cleaning my house for nearly a year now and I’ve never needed them to come back and fix anything. It always looks fantastic. And I’m a perfectionist … I notice everything. I leave notes if there is something I’d like special attention paid to and they attend to those requests well.

We have 3 kids, so it gets fantastically dirty very rapidly so we couldn’t live without her! We have had one thing (a ceramic cup from Target on my sink) broken, but it was insignificant and easily replaceable and they were appropriately apologetic. We are thrilled with how things are going.

– Alison C.

Christina’s Complete Clean has been cleaning for us on a weekly basis at both our home and office. They do a great job at both locations and are willing to work with our schedules when we have special events or need to adjust times. They are also very helpful to do anything extra when asked and are very systematic in their approach. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing housecleaning services as they are dependable and thorough in their process.

– Lori C.

I think they do a good job. I have, on occasion, gotten quotes from other housekeepers just to make sure the price remains competitive, and it always is. Once or twice they have missed something and are happy to remedy it or reduce the amount of my bill for the next visit. They are also receptive to adding in little extras when I need it – dusting the ceiling fans, sweeping out the air vents, etc.

I have been consistently pleased with their work for quite some time, and that’s unusual when hiring a housekeeper. I’d highly recommend them.

– Carmen T.

Christina has provided us with cleaning services for a couple of years now, and recently offered to clean & organize my closet for me, in order to help me get familiar with her unique ability to completely makeover an otherwise totally ransacked space.

I was amazed at how efficient she & her partner were, and how much I actually enjoyed the process of purging my closet of all the sad impulse buys and other items I’d not worn in years. I filled 5 bags of clothes, a bag of shoes, and a bag of purses for Goodwill. And my closet looks AMAZING. I love standing in it, and I even love changing in it now. I feel like I’m “shopping” when I’m in there – everything is so well laid out and easy to find!

– Katherine F.

Jenny cleans the entire house as well as does laundry on weekly basis. This is my third year using Christina’s Complete Clean. I have been very satisfied. They are very competent, trustworthy, professional, and every week, do such an amazing job. I would recommend them to anyone! (And I have to friends and family.)

– Jennifer D.

Christina’s Complete Clean comes out to do my housecleaning. The experience went fine. She did a fine job with the work. I give her A’s all across the board.

– Mark G.

I have used Christina and her partners for almost 2 years. They come bi-weekly and perform excellent, consistent housekeeping services for my home. I always look forward to coming home on the day they have been there. The floors, surfaces, showers, tubs and toilets are spic and span clean upon my arrival. The price is very reasonable and a must if you are looking for a housekeeping service that is trustworthy while also doing a great job.

– Jason P.