How much time do you spend cleaning your house? The average American spends six hours a week cleaning house! If that describes you perfectly, you likely want to make sure every one of those six hours is productive, right? What if all of that cleaning, though, actually made things worse?

Cleaning Myths Abound 

The problem with a task as subjective as house cleaning is that there are lots of ways to get the job done. There are some right ways, and then there are some very wrong ways. Many of those methods that should never be tried are rooted in myths that have persisted for generations. The last thing you want to do is mess something up when you should be cleaning it, right? Debunking a few of these myths may help put you on the path to a cleaner home.

Five Cleaning Myths You Don’t Want to Try

Myth #1 – The Miracle Cleansermyths

You’ve likely heard tales of miracle cleansers out there. One bottle will do the whole job. Maybe you heard it was bleach. Bleach has held renown far and wide for being able to tackle any cleaning problem. After all, the smell of bleach is the smell of clean, right? Wrong! It can’t remove dust and dirt from anything. Instead, while it is good at disinfecting surfaces and whitening stains, you may not want to rely on it for all of your cleaning tasks. It wasn’t bleach you heard about? Was it vinegar? That’s been touted as a miracle cleanser too. It’s all-natural, so it must be perfect for everything, right? Not quite. It can remove lime scale. It can kill bacteria on surfaces. It can also damage some flooring, tile, and countertops. Vinegar is an acid, so be careful where you use it. The reality is that whether you heard about bleach, vinegar, or something else entirely, there is no miracle cleanser. Different cleaners work differently on different surfaces, so use the right tool for the job.

Myth #2 – Streak Free Windows with Newspaper

Decades ago, newspapers were thick and pulpy. These days, modern production techniques mean thin paper with far less wood pulp. While you may have seen depression era housewives scrubbing at a window with a newspaper, this cleaning technique isn’t going to work for you today. In fact, you may make a much bigger mess than you’d intended when you grab the business section to try to get rid of those streaks. Instead of the daily news, grab a microfiber cloth to get a streak free shine you’ll love.

Myth #3 – Furniture Polish is a Must for Wood Surfaces

Looking for a dust free home? Your grandmother would likely tell you that furniture polish on all of your wood surfaces is the way to go. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. It can actually attract more dust than you might imagine, and it could eventually damage your wood surfaces because it can leave a residue behind. A microfiber cloth is actually a better choice when you’re looking to eliminate dust from any type of surface.

Myth #4 – A Feather Duster Won’t Solve All of Your Dusty Problemsmyths

The classic maid’s feather duster might look pretty, but in all reality, it doesn’t do much. Instead of actually picking up the dust, all these do are spread it around a bit more- ultimately making your house dirtier! If you’re looking for an alternative that actually does its job, look for a vacuum or a damp cloth to get rid of dust for good.

Myth #5 – A Coke Will Clean Your John

No, this isn’t a branding joke, and we’re not supported by Pepsi – there’s really a cleaning myth out there that pouring Coca-Cola in your toilet will clean it out. While it is acidic, which can help get out those hard water stains, it’s also chock-full of sugar, inviting more bacteria than ever to crawl around your toilet. In addition to that, it can also darken pre-existing stains, which is a big no. Instead of pouring your pop down the drain, invest in some other methods of cleaning specifically made for your bathroom services.

If you’re looking for a cleaner home, stop searching online for ways to cut your cleaning time in half and coming up with myths that could actually damage the surfaces in your home. Instead, book a deep cleaning with us today. Click here to schedule one now.