Home CleaningNo matter who you are, you have that one place in your home you hate to clean. For most of us, we pass by it every day, just ignoring it or hoping it will magically take care of itself—but (surprise, surprise) it never does. At Christina’s Complete Clean, we’ve found five places in the home that most people hate to clean.

1. Windows

Washing windows—especially on the outside—is a task most people don’t want to tackle more than once a year. We don’t blame you. Who wants to clean windows, especially if it involves ladders, squeegees, and a lot of muscle?

2. Oven

Inside, under, behind—the entire oven can be a challenge to clean, especially if it’s been a while or if grease and spills have built up. However, a clean oven is part of taking care of your kitchen and your appliances.

3. Baseboards

Let’s be honest: Most of us don’t clean our baseboards unless something spills on them. It requires getting down on your hands and knees and coming face to face with the dust that accumulates in your home. Nobody likes that.

4. Vaulted Ceilings

You love the idea of owning a home with vaulted ceilings—until you have to clean them. Cobwebs gather faster than any of us want in corners or on light fixtures and ceiling fans. Most of us aren’t tall enough to reach them on foot, so it requires either a ladder or special cleaning tools to get those hard-to-reach places.

5. Refrigerator

When was the last time you gave your refrigerator a good, deep cleaning? (Don’t worry; we won’t tell.) Cleaning out the fridge is a huge hassle, and you aren’t alone if you just tend to ignore it most of the time.

More than likely, there’s something on this list you can relate to, but we have good news for you. The crew at Christina’s Complete Clean can take care of the whole list for you! Whether you need a one-time deep cleaning, seasonal cleaning, or you want to work our residential cleaning services into your schedule, we can take care of all the least-favorite places to clean in your home.

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photo credit: Garden hose spraying water into yard via photopin (license)