If your Indianapolis home feels cluttered and disorganized, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Life happens, and figuring out effective home organization strategies can be a challenge for everyone. Fortunately, the Christina’s Complete Clean team is here to offer our expert advice. The key to decluttering your home lies in starting slow and tackling one area at a time. Let’s look at some practical home organization tips you can use to transform your home, room by room.

Christinas Complete Clean Indianapolis Home Organization

Kitchen Pantry

1. Clear out and Clean Up

Begin by identifying and discarding any out-of-date or unused items. Once emptied, clean your pantry shelves and corners to ensure it’s fresh for organizing. This also provides a chance to investigate any unseen pests or potential leakage in the pantry.

2. Group and Store

Now, group similar items together, such as baking supplies, canned goods, or cereals. By storing items in clear, airtight containers, you can easily access them and keep your products fresh. These containers also help maintain vertical space in the pantry.

3. Label Everything

The foundation of a well-organized pantry is the use of labels. Label every jar, bin, and shelf clearly to let everyone at home understand the pantry system. Moreover, it encourages consistent replacement of items after use, so you can maintain the order you’ve set up.

Linen Closet

1. Categorize and Contain

Revamp your linen closet by organizing it into category-based sections such as towels, bed linens, and spare pillows. Use storage bins or baskets to keep these categories neatly together. Once you create your system, communicate the changes with your family so you can maintain an efficient process down the road.

2. Refresh and Rotate

Create a rotational cycle to keep all your linens fresh and in order. As part of every laundry cycle, freshly laundered linens should be placed at the bottom or back of their stack so all items get used evenly.

3. Maximize Space

For cramped linen closets, consider adding an extra shelf. Top shelves work best for storing out-of-season items or seldom-used items like guest bedding and extra throw blankets.


1. Toys in Reach

Consider placing toys on easily accessible shelves at your child’s eye level. This lets children take ownership of their toys and includes cleaning up as part of their playtime. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach them responsibility from an early age.

2. Creative Stations

For the diverse play needs of your child, divide the playroom into designated zones for varying activities like reading, arts, or imaginative play. These designated zones make for contained messes and intuitive clean-ups post-playtime.

3. Rotate and Donate

Preventing chaos in the playroom also involves a constant cycle of dealing with outgrown toys. The solution? Rotate toys out of the playroom and encourage your children to donate their seldom-used toys. This fosters generosity while minimizing clutter.

Laundry Room

1. Streamline Supplies

Remove unnecessary supplies and keep essentials within easy reach in bins or on purpose-built shelves. This move not only creates space but also simplifies your laundry routine.  

2. Plan the Workflow

Every step, from sorting to ironing, should have a designated space in a well-planned laundry room. This cyclical workflow system ensures that each chore leads smoothly into the next, making the task much less daunting.

3. Lost Sock Board

To deal with the classic issue of ‘Where is the other sock?’, install a small bulletin board for all the single socks. When you find the missing pair, it’s easy to match them and put them back into your drawer.

Home Office

1. Desk Declutter

Ask yourself what you really need to remain on top of your desk. Maintain a clear workspace, keeping only the essentials within reach. Attractive desk organizers keep pens, sticky notes, and other small items neatly in one place, providing more working area and less messy visual clutter. 

2. Cable Management

Proper cable management is surprisingly important in a home office setup. Put up clips or ties or consider cable boxes to prevent tangled messes. A wireless setup is another option that reduces cable congestion, making cleaning and organization a breeze.

3. Go Digital

Mitigate paperwork buildup by transitioning to digital versions of documents and important files. Creating reliable online storage for these files can free up significant physical space. Plus, it helps ensure crucial documents are easily accessible and secure.

Remember that while going through this process, the goal isn’t just home organization. After you take the time to organize your home, you want to create a system that’s easy to maintain. But if the challenge seems a bit too daunting, Christina’s Complete Clean is here to help. For the trusted Indianapolis professional organizer and house cleaning service, contact Christina’s Complete Clean at (317) 564-4244 or request a quote online today!