Growing up in a home of clutter, it was never clear to me how my mother always made sure our baseboards and walls, yes actual walls were cleaned. But yet there was stuff everywhere. Counter tops covered in bills, papers, school work. However, beyond the clutter, she made it a point to make sure our house was clean. But how could it be clean, like really clean if nothing had a place or I suppose its place was just to be out. Growing up and sharing a room with my older sister for years, we never needed to draw a line of whose side of the room was belonged to whom. That was clear. My side, neat orderly, everything in it’s place, I could find things. What can I say, I just liked it that way. Her side, well “the pits.” I never understood it. It might make since as to why I now own a cleaning company!

The cleaning we are most known for is the deep, detailed cleaning. Our clients do the pick up and we get it clean, “Christina Clean”.  A few years ago, Christina’s Complete Clean began offering concierge services that include organizational packages. This has been a big hit, in fact I just hired a team to come in and do my house, they organized and went through every cabinet, drawer, closet. I’ve always been pretty organized but now when I come home, everything is in its place. I can find things and it’s easier to put things back. My house feels cleaner inside and out. Over time we can certainly accumulate lots of stuff. We are unaware of what we have and what we need. Thanks to the team my house is now back in order and I have fallen in love with my house all over again. Whether it is cleaning or organizing, chances are you are spending too much of your spare time keeping up. It is truly a waste of your time, it’s not worth arguments with loved ones or spending an entire weekend cleaning. You know who to call, “Christina’s”!