All across America, parents are preparing for the sudden influx of new toys from Santa. Christmas is such a magical time for kids and there is nothing like seeing their little faces light up on Christmas morning. However, eventually, it starts to become a bit of a space issue when you start to have more toys than your space can handle. That’s why our team at Christina’s Complete Clean recommends sitting down with your kids and getting rid of a few before Christmas. Read on to learn about the benefits of a pre-Christmas toy purge.

Purging Toys Before Christmas

Teach Your Kids Compassion

It can be tempting to be sneaky when getting rid of toys; however, it’s never too early to start teaching your kids to think of others, so involve them in the process. Start by pointing out all the toys that your child has and how blessed your family truly is. Then start finding toys that aren’t being played with and have started to collect dust. Explain to your child that toys are meant to be played with and if they aren’t playing with them, someone else could be. Finally, find an organization that will take donated toys and give them to families in need.

Build Your Kids’ Character

For some kids, this might be a painful process, which is why parents are tempted to do this in a sneaky way. However, honesty is always the best policy, even when it’s painful. Your kids might cry or try to fight you, insisting that they love these toys or that they will play with them. Don’t give in! Your kids will learn to appreciate what they have and maybe even start playing with their favorite toys in new ways after the purge.

Declutter Your House

Our favorite reason to purge is to start off next year with a decluttered house! A clean and organized home is known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your quality of sleep, and even boost productivity and creativity! Wouldn’t you love to pass on those benefits to your children as well? Teaching them good organization habits now will last them a lifetime.

If you need help knowing where to start with the great pre-Christmas toy purge of 2020, let us help. At Christina’s Complete Clean, we take great pride (and maybe a little too much enjoyment) in helping our customers rethink their home organization. To get started or to ask a question, contact us at (317) 564-4244, or get a free quote online. We are a local business that offers professional organization and house-cleaning services to residents in Carmel, Westfield, and Indianapolis.