Any time you enter into a professional relationship with a company, you need to balance your expectations with what is reasonable to expect. If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving, it can be tricky to know when enough is enough and it is time to find a new provider. To help you figure out where that line is, your friends at Christina’s Complete Clean has put together a list of three unforgivable mistakes to watch out for. If your residential cleaning provider has made one or more of these mistakes or they happen more than once, it may be time for a break up.

When to Break Up With Your House Cleaner

1. They Don’t Stick to a Schedule

Often, house cleaners will give you a window of time when to expect them to arrive and begin cleaning. So, if you’re expecting them to arrive between 2 and 3 p.m. and they arrive several hours before or after that time, they aren’t practicing good business. You’ve probably scheduled your whole day around that window of time, so if they don’t show up when they say they will, you will be majorly inconvenienced. This also applies to house cleaners that are constantly switching your scheduled time around last minute, making it impossible for you to plan.

2. They Break Things

We understand that accidents may happen from time to time. It’s not unreasonable for an item to get bumped while dusting or a lamp to get knocked over while vacuuming. However, if you are repeatedly finding broken picture frames or candles that have been knocked over, it may be time to look elsewhere for service. Also, keep in mind that if an accident does happen and something gets broken, they should be doing something to make it right. Whether that be a formal apology or an offer to replace the item.

3. Your House Isn’t Clean

Finally, perhaps the most obvious reason to fire your house cleaner is if they just aren’t doing a good job cleaning your house. After they’ve left for the day, look around and evaluate if you are happy with the job they did. Is there still dust on the back of your shelves? Did they miss a sticky spot of syrup on your kitchen counter? Remember, you’re paying for a clean house, so if that’s not what you’re getting, it’s time to break up.

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