Everyone who has ever owned a pet knows that they bring so much joy and love to their owners. Unfortunately, they also bring dirt, grime, dander, odor, and other messes to a household. At Christina’s Complete Clean, we understand the desire to keep pets and a clean house at the same time, so today we’re sharing our best tips for how to keep your pet-friendly house clean.

How to Clean a Pet-Friendly House

1. Groom Frequently

Not only do pets track in dirt and grime on their paws, they also shed fur and release dander into the air. Dander can generate a host of unpleasant allergy symptoms in humans, and can also stick to surfaces and travel around on clothes, bags, and other portable items. By brushing pets consistently and, if possible, outside the home, you reduce both the shedding messes and the dander in your home. However, be sure not to overbathe your pet, as it can dry out a pet’s skin and make dander problems even worse.

2. Clean Frequently

In a home without pets, you can generally get away with vacuuming and dusting only once a week. However, in a home with pets, you may need to increase that frequency, especially during shedding seasons. It’s also a great idea to invest in high-quality cleaning tools. To maximize capture and removal of pet dander, invest in a quality, filtered vacuum cleaner; dust with high-quality microfiber cloths; and use high-absorbency mops, cloths, and sponges.

3. Clean Your Pet’s Personal Items

Finally, don’t forget to clean your pet’s personal items frequently. By consistently washing and occasionally replacing your pet’s toys, feeding bowls, bedding, and any other items, you further reduce the dander, dust mites, and other pathogens in your home. Remember that your pet’s bedding is especially prone to breeding dust mites, so aim to launder it weekly.

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