Although it would be nice for your Indianapolis home to come equipped with the ability to clean itself, the dusty blinds and dirty floors become a constant reminder that a clean home takes some elbow grease. The cleaning experts at Christina’s Complete Clean are here to help. It’s never too early or late to do a thorough cleaning, so we put together an easy fall cleaning checklist to help you tackle cleaning your home before the holidays arrive.

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Depending on the windows in your home, you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of a thorough window cleaning. Try cleaning them one room at a time or even one step at a time. 

  • Wash windows
  • Dust blinds
  • Rinse water-safe blinds in water and dishwashing liquid (check the label first)

Cabinets and Closets

We all know that we should keep our cabinets and closets organized, but the effect of something as simple as the dirt and dust on the outside surface of cabinets may shock you. You may not notice the build-up over time, but as soon as they are clean, it can change the feel of the room. 

  • Wipe down cabinet doors
  • Wipe down shelves
  • Organize shelves and closets one room at a time

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Woodwork and Floors

Most people don’t have time to address the dust in the nooks and crannies of the house every time they clean, but wiping down the woodwork and cleaning the floors in the hard-to-reach spaces a few times a year can make all the difference in your home. 

  • Wipe down and dust trim and molding
  • Sweep and mop in hard-to-reach places

Light Fixtures

Dust easily gathers on light fixtures. A simple feather duster can do the trick when cleaning the lights in your home. For the high fixtures, make sure to practice safety when reaching for the light. Some dusters have extendable arms that simplify the process, but you may need to use a ladder to get to those hard-to-reach places.

  • Dust light fixtures 
  • Check and replace light bulbs

If the thought of this work overwhelms you and you would rather leave the fall cleaning to the experts, contact Christina’s Complete Clean to learn about our variety of cleaning service options. Along with regularly scheduled cleaning, we offer one-time deep cleaning, holiday cleaning, and more. We even have professional organizers who can tackle those closets and drawers you’ve been trying to ignore.

Contact us online, or call (317) 564-4244 to request a quote. Fall cleaning may seem overwhelming, but when it’s done, you’ll be able to go into the holiday season with confidence.