Holiday Cleaning ServicesThe holidays are HERE! You’re probably still a bit stuffed from Thanksgiving but already getting out the ol’ Christmas tree. This time of year is fun and festive, and we love the excitement in the air. However, with all the family coming over and holiday parties coming up, you’re probably already thinking about how in the world you’ll get your house clean for the season. Let Christina’s Complete Clean help!

Here are six tips for keeping your home in order during the holiday weeks.

1. Declutter before decorating.

To save yourself from having additional “stuff” to clean around, we recommend that you pack away a few of your regular decorations. By doing so, you can eliminate clutter and have fewer things to clean. (If you need help, you can also hire our organizational pros.)

2. Do a good, clean sweep before putting up the tree.

Before dragging in the tree, be sure to sweep and/or mop the area where you plan to put it. It’s going to be a few weeks (or more) before you see that spot again.

3. Make a cleaning chart.

We have found that a good, old-fashioned cleaning chart can be a helpful way to keep your home clean without having to try to tackle it all in one day. Make a schedule where you tackle different jobs (sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.) on different days, or you can also schedule to clean one or two rooms a day instead. Do what makes the most sense for you.

4. Encourage nightly pick-ups.

At the end of the day, spend 30 minutes picking up things that accumulate throughout the course of the day: shoes, toys, coats, books, tablets, and so on. This practice can help you avoid having to reorganize or spend an entire afternoon putting things away. Don’t forget to get your entire family involved, if applicable.

5. Clean up kitchen messes as they happen.

Many people are cooking or baking up a storm this time of year, and messes are bound to happen. Some home experts recommend that you clean up spills and other kitchen messes as you go to avoid baked-on disasters or funky smells that accumulate. Plus, small messes are much easier to tackle than big ones.

6. Hire a seasonal cleaning service.

Do you have too much to tackle without trying to keep up with cleaning? You can always hire professional house cleaners (like Christina’s Complete Clean) to do seasonal or one-time deep cleaning to help out around the holidays. Our crew can help you keep your home sparkling while also minimizing any holiday stress you might be feeling.

To find out more about these tips or our residential cleaning services, contact us today at (317) 564-4244. We serve Indianapolis residents in and around Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you out this holiday season.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay