The playroom is perhaps the hardest room in the house to keep clean and organized. You can spend hours a day trying to keep it clean, only to have your kids destroy it in 2 seconds. To add to the mess, your kids are accumulating new toys every holiday and birthday, thus it can be very overwhelming to stay on top of it all. If you’re like most moms, you’d like the madness to stop. You’d love to have a functional organization system that your kids can use to get the most out of their toys without destroying the room every time. Fear not! Our team at Christina’s Complete Clean is here to help. We’re not just house cleaners, we’re home organizers. And we’ve put together a quick list of practical things you can do to get that playroom under control this spring.

Organizing the Playroom

1. Purge!

A great place to start when organizing any room is getting rid of things you don’t need. This is especially important in a playroom because kids will literally play with trash if you let them. Start by rounding up broken toys, puzzles with missing pieces, and anything that came in a birthday party goodie bag or a happy meal. Let’s face it, even if your kid loved it when they first got it, they aren’t going to miss it when it’s gone. Pro tip: do this first step alone so your kids don’t fall back in love with a miniature bottle of bubbles.

2. Bins and Shelves and Storage, Oh My!

If you haven’t done so already, invest in some bins, shelves, and other organizational storage options. We have a few quick tips for keeping them kid-friendly and accessible. First, mount shelves on the walls if possible, so you aren’t sacrificing premium floor space that should be used for play. Second, ditch the traditional bookshelf for shelves that display the books’ covers instead of their spines. Kids are much more likely to pick out and read books that they can easily see. Finally, get down on your child’s level to make sure that everything is within reach and you haven’t inadvertently hidden their favorite toys from them.

3. Involve Your Child in Cleanup

Once you’ve decided where everything is going to go, bring your child/children back in and have them help put everything in it’s place. Use their input on how things should be categorized, so they know how to clean up at the end of the day. A great way to help them is by creating kid-friendly labels to put on the bins. Use brightly colored pictures of whatever is in the bin and they will know exactly how to find it to play, then exactly how to put it away when they’re done.

Organizing your home can sometimes require an outside eye. If you’re looking around your playroom and still feeling overwhelmed, call in the pros. We can help you find a workable organization solution to any space—including that playroom. To get started or to ask a question, contact Christina’s today at (317) 564-4244, or get a free quote online. We are a local business that offers professional organization and house-cleaning services to residents in Carmel, Westfield, and Indianapolis.