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The highlight of everyday is my three little girls who are always happy to see Mommy! Having been born and raised in Florida, the beach and sunshine is a favorite, while food and music are a must! I also enjoy golfing with my husband and it’s been too long! Holidays and family get-togethers give me the warm and fuzzies too.

provide managerial support and perform hiring practices. I am the HR Manager. When really it is to be sure employees have the resources to be successful. It is to do everything in the best interest of the company and employee while meeting goals and remaining compliant with laws. It is to ensure the fair treatment of all.

braised short ribs on a cruise May 2009. *tears*

any show about cooking or baking on Netflix.

a reread of 1 minute Manager.

Animals don’t live long but If I had to choose one. Well, Flying seems nice. They can talk, and they stick around long enough to end up in people’s Final Will and Testament soo … a Macaw.

is that my job is easy and that I am just here to hire and enforce the rules.

it is okay to be wrong while attempting to learn and understand and the best apology is corrected behavior.

is focusing on being a good person that is doing right so that I can lead others to do the same.

by the ocean in a temperature-controlled setting with lots of food and good music surrounded by friends and family.

I would want to be a fun color like teal or purple.

A SECRET! *runs away*

Ireland is at the top of the bucket list and secondly Australia.