Toni J. Photo

Toni was born on the southside of Chicago and was raised on the eastside of Lawrence. When she’s not working her side-gig as a bartender at a pizza place in Fishers, you can find her listening to Crime Junkie, 85 Shouts Show and Conspiracy Theories podcasts, sleeping, enjoying some fried catfish and catching up on the DVR. 

“Love what you do, do what you love” is a philosophy Toni follows as a lead-trainer for Christina’s Complete Clean.

As a team member, Toni is always listening and trying to make everyone feel like they are a part of the family. Understanding and empathetic by nature, Toni finds joy in servicing clients’ homes to a healthier level of living and keeping things up to help alleviate undue stressors on the lives of others. Toni is a hospitality major who has been cleaning since she could walk; she provides a level of care as if everything she cleans is her own. She is always going the extra mile and her hard work really shows…she loves going into something and making it spectacular. As a trainer, she has a “help me help you” attitude that goes a long way in working with different people.

According to Toni, working at Christina’s gives her the freedom to be in many places and she ends up finding inspiration from many of the homes she visits, from décor to renovation. Working with awesome coworkers is another asset Toni loves about coming to work every day!