Mystya W. Photo

Meet one of our newest and most fur-friendly technicians! According to her mother, Suzanne, a fellow field-technician, Mystya was always bringing home animals as a little girl. To this day, there’s not a pet she would turn down….especially a furry one. She even worked at a pet store!

As a child, Mystya found solace in organizing her Hot Wheels cars in rainbow-order, which has translated beautifully to her position at Christina’s Complete Clean.

A self-professed “clean car freak,” Mystya is obsessed with keeping her car in tip-top shape. She is highly-organized and has a knack for making the best of bathroom and bookshelf clutter. 

Born and raised in Beech Grove, Mystya can usually be found hanging with family whenever she is not on the field. She adores Main Street, Beech Grove and is very proud of their growing community. We’re happy to have her on our team!