Marley A. Photo

Marley has worked at Christina’s Complete Clean for over a year as a part of the Colts night crew and is excited to be extending her skills to our new daytime Colts schedule, as well. Our business exists to solve a problem and help people live better lives and Marley understands these “pain points” and approaches each situation with a “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” mantra. From performing simple daily tasks to providing detailed cleaning and organization of workspaces, Marley is always going above and beyond for our clients.

Growing up in Indianapolis with a grandmother who was a cleaner, Marley is inspired by the hard work and care she observed being provided to others and looks to continue with that same standard. At Christina’s Complete Clean, we are always looking for those who will go above and beyond for our clients. Prior to joining our team, Marley was a full-time mom of her wonderful son and daughter, as well as a painter.

Patience, kindness, hard work and creativity are just some of the amazing assets Marley has brought to our team. What we believe filters down and inspires who we are and what we do and she believes in making sure her children are able to live the most successful lives…which then also translates to the level of encouragement and care she provides to the rest of the team at Christina’s Complete Clean.

When she’s not at work you will find Marley painting, drawing, making beaded jewelry and doing hair. Her favorite books are Art of War, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Rastafari: Cultures and Practices and her favorite podcast is the ID10T, formerly known as Nerdist. Her favorite quote is from Bob Marley:

“Possessions do not make me wealthy. Love. Family. Jah. That makes me wealthy.”