Marlena N. Photo

I grew up in a little town called Fountaintown, Indiana with two sisters and one brother. I still live on the same land where I grew up. I like to read, go for long walks, and shop with my daughter.

clean houses to the best of my ability to keep my clients happy.

Breaking Point by Allison Brennan.

is be around children or animals .

is that we are perfect and don’t miss anything…but we are human and make mistakes and miss things sometimes.

is not to totally rely on another person besides yourself not everyone has the same heart or kindness that I do.

is spreading positivity and to always try to have a good outlook on life and by being nice and helpful in any way

is at home with my two kids Taylor and Sean and cat Charlie. And My bed.

I would be a blue crayon

is steak and shrimp at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse was the best meal I’ve had.

Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.