Liz Q. Photo

Hoosier! Married to my husband and high school sweetheart Aaron. God gave us three littles: Noah, Charlotte, and Isaac. I love crafts, baking and The Instant Pot. I also love investing into people!

Crab Bar with a vat of melted butter!

Christmas movies and Below Deck on Netflix.

people. Investing in my family, friends, coworkers, anyone I meet!

The Gospel Centered Mom.

is help! And drink white chocolate mochas from Starbucks :-).

is that it’s not important.

is don’t give up on what I believe in or value. I will be most content, and see God work the most when I am where He leads. Regardless of what others think.

is focusing on being a good person that is doing right so that I can lead others to do the same.

is with my family.

my husband says purple. Bright and colorful but not girly. My favorite color is green.

I love recreating an art and craft idea that I may find in a picture but in a cost effective way!