Lauren M. Photo

I’m the youngest of 8 children from Elkhart, IN. I was born at home and was home schooled for the majority of my education. My favorite thing to do is run 5k’s with my 10 yr old, Conor, and go see punk shows in my spare time.

work as a lead cleaning technician and I love my job!

is everything my boyfriend cooks.

Crashing by my favorite comedian, Pete Holmes.

helping young children get the care and attention they need to feel understood and safe in the world. I almost went to school to be an elementary therapist.

The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, but I still need to finish it.

is serve the community in any way needed. I love to run errands for people or pet/house sit. I feel better knowing someone’s day is easier because of me helping.

is it’s not a great achievement to be a housekeeper because it doesn’t require any education but earning the trust to be in someone’s home and around their family in their sacred space is a huge achievement in my eyes.

is it’s OK to not be perfect and it’s always striving to better yourself that counts in the long run.

is to show kindness no matter what the situation. You never know what someone may be going through.

in a crowded, sweaty concert with everyone singing their hearts out together.

I would be olive green.

is knowing what a song is from the first second of hearing it.

I’d love to explore Greece.