Justina C. Photo

“A little less talk, and a little more action" describes Justina’s commitment to each job’s successful completion. By nature, Justina is a problem-solver and is always looking to identify pain-points for each individual client or space and provides focused-care for each situation. She prides herself in always being on-time or early to jobs and takes time to read each note, in detail, to ensure she is always providing top-level care to clients and her team.

Justina is from Ingalls, IN which is tucked in near Pendleton/Fortville and loves the family-oriented community that has developed in that area. Prior to working at Christina’s Complete Clean, Justina was the Life Enrichment Coordinator and Housekeeping Coordinator for a private-pay assisted and independent-living facility and knows A LOT about health-standards regarding clean spaces. She has a knack for sniffing out possible issues, so she can proactively manage her spaces and clients to ensure top-level service.

When she is not out on the field cleaning, Justina spends a lot of time with her family and enjoys reading and writing. Her guilty pleasures are nachos and fried chicken. Justina will soon be working as a supplemental staff member here at CCC’s, as she recently accepted a position as a Civilian Communications Officer (911) for Madison County and will spend most of her days there, helping members of the community.