Justina C. Photo

I grew up in Ingalls, Indiana with my aunt and uncle in a house that my grandfather built. My aunt and uncle were amazing teachers and I still had the opportunity to do so many amazing things. I am also the oldest sibling of six kids. I have five brothers and one sister, one brother I just recently have been given the chance to get to know! Super exciting! I have four amazing kids, Adalia, 16; Jacob, 14; Kairo, 14; and Kaelyn, 12. No I do not have twins, we are a blended family and the boys are just four months apart. So, yea I guess we do kinda have twins. I love to watch them grow and compete in their various school sports and travel sports.

fulfill the role of Senior Lead. I am responsible for maintaining the schedule, chemicals, and making sure your home looks amazing!

is when my fiance’s family came into town and made amazing Filipino food.

Heartland on Netflix. It is a book series about a girl and her horses.

my kids and baseball.

by John Sanford “Rules of Prey,” I love to read and have currently started another one by him.

dog, because having a best friend is one of the best parts of life!

There isn’t just one thing that I would do for someone for free. I enjoy helping others and if I see a need I just do it for them. I think this comes from working in the medical field and helping out the elderly patients.

that it is easy. Cleaning other’s homes is tiresome, among also being stressful at times to ensure quality and appropriate timing.

came from my uncle, and it was that you never run around burning bridges unless your sure that you never want to cross them again.

is trying to understand people and show compassion.

in the country with the sunshine reading a book. I love the outdoors and I love to read! I also have a favorite trail and Mounds State Park that I go to with headphones and just walk and run to calm me.

I would be the color yellow, so that I could add more sunshine to life’s bad day’s.

writing, and singing. I started writing as a teenager and continued on throughout my life. I also love to sing and received awards through high school from it. I was also accepted to sing at the Indiana State Fair choir.

I would love to visit Italy. I love history and would love to see it up close one day!