Danyette O. Photo

Also known as Dani, I’m 34 years old, married for 10 years, and have 3 children – Jarod 18, Kaleb 14, Ciera 13.

Three years ago my family decided to take on 1 yr old who needed a family. Her Name is Zay’laa and she is 4 years old. I was born in Oklahoma but was raised in Anderson, Indiana.

We currently live in Markleville, Indiana so our kids can go to Pendleton schools. I am very active in my children’s lives. I am a wrestling, football, cheerleading, choir mom who works full time for Christina’s Complete Clean. I was a CNA for Community Northview for 5 years before changing careers.

provide quality household cleaning so you can spend more time with your family.

is a Roast Beef Sandwich from Art’s In Anderson.

Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl on Netflix.

Praying for Prodigals.

bird so I could watch over everyone.

is build a relationship/family feeling and help keep you at peace.

is that I am just a housekeeper. I am much more than that and really enjoy building relationships with my clients.

is to never judge a book by its cover.

is by always lending a hand when help is needed and caring for others no matter their story.

with my children when watching them do the things they are passionate about and with my cheerleaders when they give me hugs and thank me for putting time into teaching them.

I would be the color Fuchsia.

being a caregiver.