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I wear many hats, in no particular order, I am a mom, boss, sister, daughter, friend, business associate, advisor, student, taxi, tutor, chef, photographer, traveler, singer, nature lover, peace seeker… you get the gist. Started this “cleaning thing” 13 years ago, to get through college, make a better living for me and newborn at the time. I now have two teenagers, Matthew, and the Business!!

They both present equally frustrating challenges at times, but the pros still outweigh the cons, so that’s good. My daughter, Alex is 10 and is a joy, most of the time, she can be a bit sassy! We like to travel when we can, listen to music and stay active. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year, I love riding the motorcycle, spending time outdoors, and going to live music concerts.

Everyone always says, “I want to help people” but what most people don’t realize is almost every job is helping someone. The beauty of providing cleaning services to homes is that we get to be an extension of that person’s life. We are grateful that we get to come into peoples homes, and leave it a little better than we found it. In addition to cleaning homes we also take care of offices and small and large facilities. Many of us spend at least a third of our time at work, having a clean environment is a necessity in my opinion. The decision to grow came from seeing a need in the community in which I grew up, as well as providing jobs. I’ve met some pretty awesome people along the way! I look forward to growing, learning, and impacting others if only in some small way.

Maintaining consistency is our main goal this year. Continuing with the goal of hiring 2 ppl/ month. Focused on retaining as many people as possible! Culture focused, we’ll hit the ground running in the second half of the year when Jenn returns from maternity leave, strengthening the office/leadership team, high potentials, and creating a ‘team agreement’ and incorporating the cleaning staff’s input of what they want Christina’s to be in the near future, this way everyone has skin in the game.

I’m bored. Never, ever, ever.

is that I sit back and don’t do anything.

is meeting and talking to new clients and seeing staff improve their quality of life through this job.

is it can be a thankless job.

More commercial jobs, 80-100 employees. 3-4 million in revenue

Knowledge is power! I’m Looking to get two cleaning certificates through ISSA/ArSCI, a House Cleaning Technician Certificate 2-day course, Train the Trainer 3-day course, in addition, we are excited to attend the largest Cleaning Showcase, and a Business Strategies, 2-day class!