Brooke M. Photo

Brooke was born in California and moved to Indy as a baby; she was raised with 4 sisters and two brothers and now has three children of her own. To Brooke, family is everything! Brooke has earned her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and is currently working toward her Master’s in Community Psychology. 

Christina’s Complete Clean has had the pleasure of Brooke on the team since 2019 and she is a proud member of our Colts crew! If she had enough time every day, Brooke would tackle cleaning out the insides of each trash can because she has a knack for going above and beyond. She is always willing to flex her schedule to provide extra help, if needed, and is always willing to fill in at Colts events. Her favorite mantra is:

“Be the best you can be!”

 Brooke’s background in restaurant and hotel management, combined with her studies in childhood development and psychology fuel her success on the field. Whether it’s practicing communication techniques with her team to ensure understanding or she’s simply providing outstanding service to clients, she is able to tackle any issue with ease and finesse. She proudly accepts the general perception that she has “neat-freak syndrome” and rocks her “OCD” on the daily!

What we believe filters down and inspires who we are and what we do; Honesty, integrity, and humanity are three of the values that drive Brooke to success. While she LOVES working and is proud of her hard-working nature when she is not working you will find her spending lots of time with family and friends or maybe working on her new couponing hobby. She is also currently reading through the “God Don’t Like Ugly” series by Mary Monroe. Brook is also an avid Monopoly player and has even participated in a professional Monopoly tournament, and hopes to enter even more competitions!