Breaunna P. Photo

I’m Bre, sister to three beautiful souls! Growing up, I lived in both Indianapolis and Gary, Indiana due to the separation of my parents. For entertainment, I love spending time with my family, playing basketball, skating, taking random pictures of scenery, oh and let’s not forget Netflix and chill!

a Senior Lead/Senior Trainer, but I am always looking for opportunities of advancement with the company.

My current Netflix obsession is Killer Mike – Trigger Warning.

my family and the betterment of my community!

I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

is know that what you focus your mind on, grows bigger and accept and enjoy where you are right now.

is by encouraging the people around me to not allow others to place them in a box and always be YOURSELF

My color would be black.

I am very athletic.

was seafood! When I first ate one of those bottom feeders, I never looked back.