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Bre P. Photo

Bre has been a pillar of our team for more than 6 years and knows a whole lot about cleaning. Recently, she obtained the IICRC certified cleaning technician credentials and has taken on a new role on our daytime Colts crew. 

Moldy grout is the bane of her existence, and if she could eradicate just one issue for all clients it would be just that. Cleaning grout can be the most satisfying and/or frustrating issues to tackle, and Bre is willing to step up to the challenge each time. 

An Indy-lifer, Bre graduated from Pike and spent her time prior to working on our team as an assistant manager at a rental store. Retail management, combined with service-requests, helped hone the organized, professional and resourceful person Bre is today as a field-technician. She is able to think on her feet and quickly resolve any issue presented. She has begun dabbling with a heat-press machine in her free time, and can also be found reading; her (current) favorite is The Alchemist.