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Anna K. Photo

Anna loves going above and beyond by being available as much as she can to help both clients and coworkers. She adores her clients and cares about keeping up on what goes on in their lives. She puts her clients at ease by letting them know she is there to help them and loves making their lives easier by providing top-notch service. Born and raised on Indy's southeast side, she has fond memories of growing up in a close-knit neighborhood full of kids, making lots of memories. Anna is now married to a hard-working and awesome husband and loves raising their 5 wonderful kids and creating fun family memories. 

Formerly an employee of the City of Indianapolis, as well as being a stay-at-home-mom, Anna is very familiar with the need of keeping organized and creating a healthy home environment. Anna also has several years' experience in commercial and industrial cleaning. Her ability to manage solutions in different settings comes from her past of wearing many hats. The combination of her past work experience plus Anna's experience as a stay-at-home-mom round out the definition of a hard-working, motivated, educated and compassionate individual.

Anna is driven by the value of living a life full of compassion and helping others. She truly enjoys making a difference in her interactions with people by being an open-listener and finds passion in finding solutions to problems.

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending time with her family and is proud to have become the house in her neighborhood where you will typically find the door open to other kids dropping in to enjoy time with her family. If she's not surrounded by kids and has a spot of down-time, you may find her catching up on a book by Nora Roberts/JD Robb or maybe even baking some delicious treats. On her bucket-list is extensive travel, as well as another round of sky-diving.

Asked about what she likes best about working for Christina's Complete Clean, Anna stated,

"Working at Christina's has been the biggest blessing for me. It has enabled me to work hard, make a difference and provide for my family. It has shown my kids that you can work hard and help others and step-up when you can just because you want to make a difference...even in a small way.

Christina's staff at its core is awesome. I am proud to work for a company that can be so open to growing, changing and evolving. Communication is key and the staff works hard at being aware of that. The staff offers support on all levels for anything you may need. There are so many tools available for us to use if needed and that's just awesome. Not everything always goes smoothly every day, in personal or work-life, and the office is great at working with us as employees and with the clients.

My coworkers are the best! It has been a pleasure for me to have been able to meet so many people and forge relationships with them. We have each other's backs and step-up to help one another in the day-to-day flow of things, which always warms my heart!"

Anna has been proudly serving Christina's Complete Clean clients since July 2018!